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After performing a site evaluation and customer survey, California Eco Design develops conceptual designs, renderings, and planting plans to meet the needs of our customers and their specific site conditions.


We learn as much as we can about our customers to create landscape designs that reflect their taste, lifestyle, and personality. Our background in landscape architecture and ecological design ensure results that are professional looking and functional.


California Eco Design will work with you to ensure the designs we create are installed properly. Our construction arm, Future Friendly Landscaping, is a licensed landscape contractor. With a design-build process under one roof, we're able to seamlessly move from concept to creation. When necessary, we will help you locate contractors we trust and who are experienced with the green building techniques we design. Whether its greywater plumbers or earthwork masons, we work for you to determine the best service to match your needs.


We offer maintenance service on projects we have designed within the Los Angeles-Orange County region. Stewardship of your landscape is less frequent busywork and more conscientious- guiding growth and helping establish a stable plant community. In other words, we don't pump plants with chemicals, use noisy machinery to force them into unnatural shapes, and truck away the waste. We see weeds and excessive growth as design and landscape management problems to be solved with thoughtful intervention.

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